MOTOPARKING® was conceived thanks to research and analysis by a team of well known designers and engineers from the automotive field. It is a novel utility for users of motorcycles, scooters and bicycles, that maximizes the agility and convenience of two-wheeled transport. After arriving at destination, MOTOPARKING® offers the user a secure and practical storage space for helmets and apparel. It allows the enjoyment of a stopover by offering a relaxed hands-free experience that all users of two-wheeled transport will appreciate and become accustomed to. 

MOTOPARKING® is composed of a spacious and robust compartment made from stainless steel with a secure and impenetrable locking system.

AISI 304 Stainless Steel is the most prominent of the austenitic steels with 18% chromium
content combined with a minimum of 8% nickel alloy. The ductility of this steel alloy is
superior to that of the more common metals and alloys. This is widely employed in the production of consumer products thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance and attractive surface finish. The material of the base plate and supports is S235JR EN 10025-2 laminated Steel, hot-dip galvanized, with 8 mm thickness.

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The security chain is made from tempered steel and reinforced to be breach-proof.
The chain links are square and 8 mm in thickness, the chain is 140 cm in length, encased
in a protective sheath and provided with a stainless steel ringed hook of 8 mm thickness.
Device housing chain is made up from aluminium alloy with high corrosion resistance, and
the slides and internal component in stainless steel.

MOTOPARKING® it is available in two versions: Touring and City