GIOÉL is the brainchild of two sisters, Giorgia and Elisa, both environmentally aware and with a strong passion for “green solutions”. Drawing on the long-standing management expertise of their family, Giorgia and Elisa have created the brand GIOÉL, intended for the retail world.

GIOÉL includes 14 unique products for the body and hair care, 100% natural and eco-organic.

The GIOÉL products are free of parabens as well as any petroleum-based, synthetic and animal substances; They are an exclusive and entirely vegan line enriched with 100% pure essential oils.  

GIOÉL means transforming your everyday life into an exclusive experience of beauty and wellness.

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In line with our Green Philosophy and fully aware of the huge environmental damage plastic causes, Giorgia and Elisa have also designed a 100% eco-packaging. The bottle of the GIOÉL products is entirely made of corn starch, hence totally biodegradable.

The bottle top is of recyclable plastic.

GIOÉL means the highest quality and its products are designed for those who truly care about themselves and the environment.


The two sisters have also thought about the children, creating the line "Baby GIOÉL", which guarantees a totally natural bath to every kid .

GIOÉL is for everyone.


Among GIOÉL major ingredients, there are flowers, exclusively collected and transformed in the beautiful Chianti Valley in Tuscany and the Jojoba, Karitè and Ylang-Ylang plants which, for climatic reasons, are selected and imported from their countries of origin.

GIOÉL gives protection, hydration and brightness to the whole family.