baby care

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Baby Shower Gel with sweet and delicate notes. It is rich in plant extracts and it has a gentle and effective cleansing action, leaving a silk effect on the skin and maintaining the physiological pH of your children’ s skin.

Its special formula prevents skin irritation, flushing and cracking of the skin, thanks to the combined soothing and refreshing action of the Chamomile, Calendula and Helichrysum extracts.

Recommended for adults with a very sensitive skin.


Eco-organic shampoo for kids, delicate on skin and hair, enriched with plant-derived surfactants of Coconut Oil and Glucose. It contains Mallow and Chamomile extracts. Their protective and emollient properties give your children’ s hair a feeling of well-being.

Our Baby Shampoo washes gently like a soft foam and strengthens the hair, giving it brightness and vigor. Thanks to its mild properties, it can be used frequently.



Eco-organic moisturizing and soothing cream for children, for daily use. The emollient and soothing properties of Chamomile and Argan prevent reddening.

Ideal for diaper changes and daily hydration, it soothes and protects the skin. Thanks to the Olive, Avocado and Aloe extracts, it leaves the skin soft, toned and elastic; it’s not oily.