baby care

Our GIOÉL products are entirely eco-organic, they do not contain any chemical and petroleum-based substances like paraffin or silicone. Therefore, we ensure a 100% natural care for your child.

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Perfect if used after every diaper change, it prevents skin irritation. It can be easily dissolved in water for the daily bath of your child. A light flower fragrance will ensure a relaxed sleep. It has a moisturizing effect on the skin; thanks to the Calendula properties, it soothes the skin and prevents redness.


baby shampoo 

A small quantity is enough for a daily wash. It keeps the hair soft and prevents skin irritations and itching. It releases a very nice flower fragrance.



BABY lotion

Chamomile, Argan, Olive oil, Aloe and Avocado are the main ingredients of this exceptional and unique lotion. Perfect after every diaper change, it prevents skin flushing. After the baby bath, it nourishes and protects the skin from external agents.


We recommend the daily use of our GIOÉL Baby Lotion also to adults, who need to deeply hydrate their skin because of its dryness and peeling, and to people who suffer from skin diseases or problems.